Hearing Test Requirements for NSW workers

As of 1st January 2024, the NSW Government has approved the commencement of Clause 58 – Audiometric Testing under the Work Health and Safety (WHS) Regulation.

Clause 58 – Audiometric Testing states:

  1. This clause applies in relation to a worker who is frequently required by the person conducting the business or undertaking to use personal protective equipment to protect the worker from the risk of hearing loss associated with noise that exceeds the exposure standard for noise.
  2. The person conducting the business or undertaking who provides the personal protective equipment as a control measure must provide audiometric testing for the worker—

(a)  within 3 months of the worker commencing the work, and

(b)  in any event, at least every 2 years. Maximum penalty—

(a)  in the case of an individual—70 penalty units, or

(b)  in the case of a body corporate—345 penalty units.

  1. In this clause, audiometric testing means the testing and measurement of the hearing threshold levels of each ear of a person by means of pure tone air conduction threshold tests.

What this means for your business?

If your business requires workers to frequently use hearing protection as a control measure for noise that exceeds the exposure standard, you must provide hearing tests for workers. The person conducting a business or undertaking (PCBU) must organise and pay for the hearing test.

For new workers, a baseline hearing test must be completed within three months of commencing their employment. The worker must then get a follow-up monitoring hearing test at least every two years during their employment.

More frequent hearing tests may be required for workers exposed to high, average noise levels throughout their work shift, (e.g., ≥ 100dB(A)).

For more information visit: https://www.safework.nsw.gov.au/hazards-a-z/noise-at-work/hearing-test-requirements-for-nsw-workers

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