Covid and Mental Health

“Not another Covid-19 blog”. I hear you. But not only has this pandemic shifted Australians into a panic (from toilet paper to panic buying) – it’s important to recognise the significant mental health impacts it can bring to people and businesses.

May 29th is traditionally Wear White At Work Day to show support for mental illness sufferers and families of suicide victims. With the many challenges we are all facing in the wake of covid-19, now more than ever is a time to focus on our mental health.

Beyond Blue continues to provide guidance and support during these challenging times and offer the below suggestions to look after your mental health:

Try to maintain perspective: Remember that medical, scientific, and public health experts around the world are working hard to contain the virus, treat those affected and develop a vaccine as quickly as possible.

Find a healthy balance in relation to media coverage: Negative information can heighten feelings of anxiety; limit your media intake if it is upsetting you or your family and focus on other positives.

Try to maintain a practical and calm approach: Stay calm and follow official advice, particularly around observing good hygiene habits.

Try not to make assumptions: Remember Coronavirus can affect anyone regardless of their nationality or ethnicity and those with the disease have not done anything wrong.

During this time employers also need to be aware of their responsibilities and the health and well-being of their workers – including mental health.

If you need WHS advice, feel free to get in touch with us for guidance.

We’re all in this together.